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Real Estate Elective: Ethics in Real Estate | Policy and Procedures Statement

Course title: Real Estate Elective: Ethics in Real Estate                                                 Tuition: ${{order_total}}

Grading:  The test grading for the 60 Hour Pre-Licensing and Broker B exam is based on a multiple choice exam on General Real Estate Principles and a second multiple choice exam based on South Carolina State laws.  The student must achieve a 75% passing grade on each exam to successfully complete the course and receive a certificate of completion.  The Advanced Principles 30 Hour class, Broker A, and all Continuing Education courses require 100% student attendance and any other requirements of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Refund Policy:  Refund requests will be accepted up to 24 hours before the class begins.  Requests must be in writing (including e-mail).  No refunds will be processed for persons attending any portion of the class.  Refunds will be processed without a request for any classes canceled by the Institute.  Refunds will be processed within 15 days of the request. 

Equal Opportunity:  This Institute provides all educational services in strict adherence to all federal, state and local laws.  There are no prerequisites for enrolling in any course other than those that might be instituted by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Attendance:  The South Carolina Real Estate Commission and this Institute require you attend ALL in order to successfully complete the course, pass any required exam and earn a certificate.  If any session is missed, the student may complete the course at a future regularly scheduled class within six months.  Private tutoring can be arranged at an additional fee.  If after two warnings of any disruptive behavior, the student may be expelled at the sole discretion of the instructor and forfeit all fees paid for the course. 

Waiver of Liability:  As a participant in this class, I, the student, hereby waive any and all claim or prospective claim of liability against Ray James Real Estate Institute, its employees and agents, with respect to any injuries, illness, damage or death occurring to myself while participating in or as a result of participation in any and all classes or related activities.  I further agree to indemnify and to hold Ray James Real Estate Institute as well as all members of its staff whether employed or contracted, free and harmless from any injury, loss, liability damage, cost or expense which they may incur as a result of any injury that I may sustain while participating in said activity.

Certificates:  One original certificate of completion will be issued for all classes authorized by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. 

This agreement is a legally binding contract between the student and Institute.  A copy is being given to the student as required by state law.

I, the student, agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement.

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