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Real Estate Referral Network Agreement

Independent Contractor Referral Agreement


For an annual payment of $99.00 from the referral agent to Real Estate Referral Network, LLC (the "company") the parties agree as follows:

  1. The company shall provide the four (4) hours of continuing education required to renew the referral agent's real estate license.
  2. The referral agent shall pay the $99.00 annual membership fee on the date of joining the company. This shall be the agent's anniversary date. Each year, on your anniversary, $99.00 is required to have Real Estate Referral Network, LLC continue to hold your license.
  3. Upon the closing of a transaction on a referral from the referral agent, the company shall pay to the referral agent a fee of 75% of the amount the company receives.
  4. The referral agent agrees that the licensee's pocket card shall remain in the possession of the company. Further, the referral agent shall hold a valid State of South Carolina real estate sales license.
  5. The referral agent shall not for compensation or valuable consideration sell or offer to sell, buy or offer to buy, provide or offer to provide a market analysis, list or offer to list or attempt to list, to negotiate the purchase or sale or exchange or mortgage of real estate, or to negotiate for the construction of a building on real estate, or to lease or offer to lease, rent or offer to rent real estate to others as a partial or whole vocation. If the referral agent wishes to sell or purchase a home, it shall be done as a referral through the company.
  6. The referral agent shall generate qualified real estate referrals exclusively for the company with the understanding that the company shall have the sole discretion to assign the referral to any agent of the company's choice. "Qualified real estate referral" is defined as obtaining permission from a client/customer to have an agent contact them. The referral agent shall provide the name, address, phone number, reason for relocating and any other pertinent family or business information about the client/customer.
  7. Any business cards or supplies shall be paid for by the referral agent. All cards, stationery, promotional material, or advertising must be
    approved by the company.
  8. The referral agent shall be solely responsible for reporting and paying all federal, state, and local income taxes.
  9. The company shall promptly assign an agent upon the referral from the referral agent.
  10. The referral agent shall conduct their business practices and serve the public in a fair, honest, open and ethical manner.
  11. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time with or without cause and without prior notice to the other party. Any referral fee collected from referrals generated by the referral agent will be paid to the referral agent, even if the closing occurs after the referral agent is no longer associated with the company.
  12. Both parties agree that this agreement is the complete agreement between them and that there are no other written or oral agreements.
Name:     Name: Ray James
  Date: July 18, 2024   Title: Owner / Instructor   Date: July 18, 2024

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