What are the requirements to receive a real estate salesperson license?2018-08-27T16:09:38-04:00

A prospective salesperson must:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A legal resident of the United States, however, citizenship is not required
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Complete the 60-hour Salesperson Pre-Licensing course
  • Complete a 30-hour Advanced Principles course
  • Pass the SC Real Estate Commission exam
  • Submit a satisfactory criminal background check
What real estate activities are allowed with a salesperson’s license?2018-08-27T16:10:30-04:00

Under supervision from their broker, a licensed salesperson may list, sell, or manage any type of real estate anywhere within the state of South Carolina including residential, vacation or resort properties, commercial or industrial facilities.

Do I need to sign up with a broker prior to taking the class or the state licensing test?2018-09-06T15:26:46-04:00

A prospective salesperson does not need to be employed or sponsored by a broker in order to take the courses or the state required exam. Upon passing the South Carolina Real Estate Commission exam, salespersons are given one year to activate their license with their desired broker.

When and where are classes held?2018-08-27T16:12:33-04:00

Courses are offered in daytime, evening and weekend formats. Class sessions are held at various real estate offices throughout the region.  For dates, times and locations, please review the calendar section of this website to find the one that works for you, and simply register online.

What does it cost to become a real estate salesperson?2018-09-06T15:27:27-04:00

The required fees are described below:

  • 60-hour Salesperson Pre-Licensing course tuition: $399 *
  • 30-hour Advanced Principles Course: $299*
  • Criminal background check: (SC) $40 **
  • South Carolina Real Estate Commission exam:  $63 **
  • South Carolina license pre-test application: $25 **
  • South Carolina license activation: $50 **

*As offered by Ray James Real Estate Institute  – other schools may charge higher fees.
**State fees are subject to change.

What materials or textbooks are required for the pre-licensing courses?2018-09-06T15:28:06-04:00

The course textbook and student workbook are required and will be provided at the first class session.  Students should bring a pen/pencil and a notebook.

What other courses will I need to take?2018-09-06T15:29:02-04:00

Ten hours of continuing education classes are required every two years to renew a salesperson’s or broker’s license.  Ray James Real Estate Institute offers a full slate of approved courses to meet that obligation.

What if I want to become a real estate broker?2018-08-27T16:17:40-04:00

After a salesperson has three years experience, the two, 30-Hour broker test preparation courses are also available through Ray James Real Estate Institute.

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